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Hi, I’m Trina George and I am excited to share a bit about “me”!

I am married to the most supportive man and my best friend, Brendan George, and we have three AWESOME children Tucker (15), Madison (9), and Lindsey (9).  Don’t forget about our four-legged children…oops, I meant dogs, Cooper and Daisey. I’ve had a successful banking career for over 12 years and some of the things that made me a great banker that will help you are my on-line banking expertise, on-line bill-pay, checkbook balancing, budgeting, and overall organizational skills. Some of my “mommy” skills I know that you’ll appreciate are cooking (just call me Betty Crocker), light house keeping, organizing, shopping, errands, and so much more. I’m a Florida safe driver and I’m happy to help you around town in my car or yours. I love my furry friends and helping take care of them whether that be taking them to the vet,  to the groomer, or providing companionship while you’re away.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

(352) 816-1586

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